Test your "Green" knowledge with our 5-minute quiz!
  1. In The Princeton Review's 2014 College Hopes & Worries Survey, what percentage of the over 10,000 student respondents said having information about a college's commitment to the environment would impact their decision to apply or attend a school?
  2. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for environmental scientists is expected to grow much faster than average. What is the projected employment growth for environmental scientists and specialists between 2012 and 2022?
  3. The number to remember is "350 parts per million." That's how much carbon dioxide we should have in the air to not head toward catastrophic, irreversible climate change. We currently have:
  4. How many trademarks did the U.S. Patent Office give to names with "green" or "eco" in their title last year?
  5. What is a school's "waste diversion rate"?
  6. For every ton of paper that's recycled, _______________ is saved:
  7. Between the years of 2008 and 2012, did the amount of sustainability-related education on campuses increase or decline?
  8. What does STARS stand for?
  9. The Sustainable Endowments Institute rates college commitment to green initiatives based on a) campus sustainability initiatives and b) endowment investment management. What percentage of schools surveyed invest endowment money towards renewable energy initiatives?
  10. What is "LEED certification"?

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